Finally I Can See The Globe On Screen

There’s been a trend of late to film live stage performance for distribution to a wider audience, and I’m all for it.  I just wish I could get to see more of them!  Too often (I’m looking at you, Benedict Cumberbatch) the performane is a special event, one night only, and you have to be in the lucky position to be near one of the limited theatres in the very limited release.

But good news for me!  The Globe on Screen series – featuring Measure for Measure, The Merchant of Venice and Richard II – is scheduled to come to my neighborhood this fall.  I actually park in the movie theatre parking lot every day when I go to work (and no, I don’t work at a movie theatre – we just happen to have reserve space in the garage).  So it looks like going to see all of these productions – none of which are on my “seen it” list – is going to be a easy as taking a quick detour of about 50 yards instead of walking to my car that night.  Awesome!

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