Check Me Out, Shakespeare Geek T-Shirts are on Amazon!

You may have seen links in the footer already, or the sneak preview I sent out on Twitter a few days ago, but today is the official announcement that Shakespeare Geek T-Shirts have been approved for the “Merch by Amazon” program!

Starting now I’m going to roll out a whole new line of Shakespeare Geek t-shirts featuring Shakespeare Geek T-Shirts : Now I Will Believe That There Are Unicornsthe original material we’ve collected here over the years (hashtag games, knock knock jokes, etc…)  All new designs.  This is going to be stuff you can’t find anywhere else, and I’m hoping you like it!

I’ve been on Zazzle and Cafepress before, but this has the potential to be different.  Amazon changes whatever game it plays.  For starters, they approve everything ahead of time.  So right off the bat, the quality is that much better. They don’t allow copyright stuff, and in fact, will shut down yShakespeare Geek T-Shirts : Six Word Shakespeareour account if they find you infringing on anybody.  Plus, being Amazon, they work at a scale comparable to no one, so they can deliver a high-quality product and still keep it at a reasonable price.  Right now I’ve got a $17.99 tag on the shirts (down from the standard $19.99) but for other services I’ve seen it go double that just to get a reasonable royalty back to the creator.

The biggest advantage, though, will be placement in the Amazon search engine.  Now everybody who searches Amazon has a chance to see our Shakespeare Geek originals.  To that end, I’d like to request a favor.  If you do see any merchandise that you like enough to order, and you do find that you love it even more once you’ve got it, please come back and review it.  I’ve noticed already is thShakespeare Geek T-Shirts : Knock Knock Jokeat 99% of the product available is being cranked out by bots to flood the market. It’s all the exact same, no description, and no reviews.  If we could get the brand to stand out it would help the products rise in the search ratings. This kicks me up a tier for Amazon, allowing me to churn out more product for you!

I am creating new products as fast as Amazon lets me. They throttle you to just a couple a day to prevent the bots from taking over.  Even then you have to go through the approval process. At any given time I’ve got a few new shirts queued up and ready to go. So if you’ve got any ideas, let me know and I’ll happily try to get it made for you! Especially if it involves a product already out there and you didn’t like the color/style. It would make me sad if you saw one you wanted and it wasn’t available in the color you prefer. I can totally change that.

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