Know Your Audience? I Thought I Did!

So this weekend we’re at Shakespeare on Boston Common and I’m waiting in line for the port-a-potties with my kids.  It’s intermission, it’s dark, there’s 20 people in line ahead of us, so you know the condition those things are going to be in.

My son goes in first.  Comes out, tells me, “Daddy, somebody left a wine bottle in there.” The lady in the line next to us laughs.

“Well,” I tell him, “Drink is a great provoker of three things.”

Now, I knew he wasn’t going to get the reference. But I’m surrounded by people who are at outdoor Shakespeare, I expected somebody to get it. I even turned and made eye contact with the woman who laughed in the first place.  I should have gone up for a high five.  She would have left me hanging, but still.

I got nuthin.   I was disappointed.  Who says Shakespeare isn’t relevant today?


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3 thoughts on “Know Your Audience? I Thought I Did!

  1. Well, if you were attending Macbeth, your comment might have provoked more responses, especially if the Porta-potty break was just before Act III. It could have been like a pop quiz.

    If it is any consolation, I wore my new “Mercutio Drew First” t shirt to the Spokane Highland Games last Saturday. I received several complements and multiple nods of approval.

    1. Awesome! You know, I chose not to wear this year, feeling like I always wore it and choosing a different one this time. What was I thinking? Was the perfect night for mercutio!

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