Alas, Poor Will. We Knew Him, Horatio

I don’t know that I was expecting any different, but it doesn’t look good for a season 2 of Will on TNT. What, not enough sex and violence for everybody?

I don’t really understand the expectation on new series, reading this article.  On the one hand, “it was the lowest-rated premiere for the network… ever.”  That can’t be good. I also find it hard to believe.  But later that the series was “performing better than most dramas on television… it’s performing at levels that many networks would call a hit.”

What qualifies as a good show for a network like TNT?  Do they pull HBO numbers, or NBC numbers? I’m not even sure in today’s market where the bigger audiences are.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we see a second season. Because that would mean that there’s enough people out there who aren’t Shakespeare geeks, who found the story of Will Shakespeare interesting enough that they want more. I’m ok with that.


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