Will This Stratford-on-Avon Drama Have Any Shakespeare?

Jo Joyner and Mark Benton

Here’s an interesting twist. How about a modern day murder mystery series set in Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford on Avon?  Jo Joyner and Mark Benton (the names mean nothing to me) star in the new BBC (ah, that explains it) show.

The female lead will be named Lu Shakespeare of course, and I’m hoping that means that each episode will have the opportunity for some Shakespeare references, jokes, plotlines, or just general what have you.

I don’t know that I’ll ever get to see the show, being in the US and all with limited BBC access, but I like to look out for my people.  Who knows, maybe it will be a smashing success and spawn a US version based in Stratford, Connecticut.

One thought on “Will This Stratford-on-Avon Drama Have Any Shakespeare?

  1. Hi Duane,

    The new BritBox streaming service from BBC and ITV may show it. It already carries quite a few current mystery and crime shows, so the genre must be popular with BritBox viewers. You can also submit requests for specific programs; I’m not sure how much influence requests have, but it’s worth a shot. We recently watched Season 1 of Ben Elton’s Upstart Crow on BritBox, and I’m hoping they’ll air the upcoming Christmas special (with Emma Thompson as Elizabeth I) and Season 2 when they’re available.


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