Hello, New Friend!

A few weeks ago one of the senior managers at work told me, in casual converastion, “We just hired somebody you’re going to like. He’s got Shakespeare on his resume.  First time I think I’ve seen that.”

“Cool,” I reply.  “What roles? What company?”

“I didn’t ask,” manager says, laughing.  “I was more interested in his data science experience.”

“Nonsense,” says I, “Everyone you interview has data science e

xperience. How often do you get to talk about Shakespeare?”

“I’d rather talk about data science!”

Later that day, the CEO himself swings by my desk to say, “Guess what?  You’re gonna love this, we hired a Shakespeare guy.”

“Cool!” I say, “Any idea what he’s played, or where?”

“Didn’t think to ask,” says the CEO who is now walking away, truly a “drive by” moment.  Then I hear him call out, “Oberon?” from the staircase.  But that’s the end of the conversation.

Since the hiring manager and the CEO noticed the Shakespeare and thought to bring it to my attention, I’m wondering whether somebody will bring this new hire around to meet me when he arrives.  We’re growing fairly rapidly at this point, maybe 2-4 people a week (for a 100 person company that’s a pretty good rate!) so individual meet and greets are rare.

At one point I meet a new manager, grey haired gentleman, older than me.  I wonder if it might be him. But he would have seen the Shakespeare stickers on my laptop, and doesn’t make the connection, so maybe not.

I should just wear a t-shirt that says, “Ask me about Shakespeare.”

I’m at my desk a few days later when I hear behind me, “Is that Yorick?”  I turn to see a different new hire, who I’ve already met, pointing at the skull on my desk.  (What, you don’t have a skull on your desk?  I could take the easy way out and claim it was a Halloween decoration that I haven’t taken down yet, but I also went as Shakespeare for Halloween, so I’m just keeping it.)

This is my new Shakespearean friend.  He’s a much younger guy, I’m guessing probably late twenties?  Quite tall.  I ask what roles he’s played and he tells me, “Gloucester. Macduff. Oberon.”  Damn, not too shabby!  We talk briefly about the Tempest, which he tells me he’s interested in but not too familiar with, because he hasn’t yet had the chance to play Prospero. He hasn’t been with a professional company, he’s talking purely about high school / college experience.  Still, though – the opportunity to play that many major Shakespearean roles? That’s a lot of Shakespeare. I can only hope my kids get that kind of opportunity.

No clue how often Shakespeare will come up in the hallways. I’m very self conscious about boring people with my favorite topic, so I tend to let it come up organically and then jump in, rather than always being the one to bring it up. Now I know there’ll be at least one other person who gets my jokes!


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