You Had Me at “Margot Robbie”

Maybe she’s reading King Lear?

Hey, here’s a bit of happy news.  You probalby know Margot Robbie as either Tonya Harding, Harley Quinn or the girl in the bathtub who explains mortgage-backed securities.

Lucky for us she’s apparently got some Shakespearean longings in her, and is set to produce a ten-part, female-focused Shakespeare series at the end of this year.  It does say she’s producing, so I’m not sure that means we’ll ever get to see her on screen or if she’ll play an entirely behind the scenes role.

What do you think?  Let’s pretend she’s going to act.  Which female lead would be best for her?  I’d love to see her as Regan or Goneril just for fun, but I think she can probably handle a more central role than that.



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