Shakespeare Makes Life Over

Happy Birthday Shakespeare! You’ve killed us all!

So, what are you doing for Shakespeare’s Birthday (aka Shakespeare Day) this year, April 23, 2018?

Not so fast.

If you enjoy a good wild and crazy conspiracist theory (who doesn’t?), it looks like the world might end before we make it half way through our folios:

The world is going to end on April 23, according to terrifying new conspiracy theories.

It is the date when the sun, moon and Jupiter align in the constellation of Virgo, sparking the Biblical Rapture, it has been claimed.

On the same night, the rumoured death plant Nibiru will appear in the sky sparking a spread of madness, World War III and the rise of the Antichrist.

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My birthday missed Shakespeare’s by just five days, so I might as well die the same day he died.  Then again I’ll have to share that honor with 8 billion other people.Well, what can ya do?

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

*grabs popcorn*


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