No Google, Bill Weasley Was Not In Romeo and Juliet (That I Know Of)

Here’s a funny story that provides a glimpse into my daily life.

I’m sitting at work in the kitchen and we’re discussing just how good Google has become at predicting what you’ll search next.  We’re playing a game where we click a few links deep into something, then announce what we want to look up next, then start typing a search term one letter at a time and see how many letters you get until Google guesses it (for my examples it seemed to average 3).

Cut to a separate conversation about Star Wars and how Disney basically turned space nazis into merchandise.  I noted this is especially true in episode seven, “the one where that Weasley brother is standing up in front of them all losing his mind.”

None of us can remember which Weasley, though, so I google.  I type D…O….M…. and then laugh and announce to my coworkers, “I guess google knows me too well, do we want to see him in Romeo and Juliet or Midsummer Night’s Dream?  Actually I never knew he’d done either, so thank you google, that’s a blog post right there.  Have to come back to that. Let’s see, Dominic Dromgoole, IMDB…”

Domhnall Gleeson is his name,” a coworker corrects me.

I knew that, once he said it. But at DOM Google had assumed I meant Dominic Dromgoole, former artistic director for Shakespeare’s Globe. I didn’t even notice when I clicked through.  Score one for Google.



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