Got To Love My Coworkers

Walking past the elevator the other day, I see coworker Nate. He does that thing I always love where something dawns on him and he says, “Oh! I’ve bee meaning to tell you!” because I know what’s coming next – something Shakespeare. I just never know what. But it’s always awesome, because it means people are spotting Shakespeare out in the world because of me.

“I was at the liquor store near my house the other day,” he continues. My immediate thought is that he’s going to mention “Oberon” wine. But then I think, does Nate follow Shakespeare enough that he’d spot a Midsummer Night’s Dream reference in the wild.  “I saw this beer that had something Shakespeare on it…”

“You saw ShakesBeer?” I asked, getting excited.

I first spotted the existence of ShakesBeer this summer at Richard III. They are based out of Hingham, Massachusetts which is close enough to me to feel like it’s in my backyard, but realistically far enough away that I won’t be making any casual trips down there anytime soon.

“I know exactly who that is, and I’ve been looking for it,” I tell him. “I haven’t been able to find it where I live. They more south of the city.”

“I was going to get some for you but I didn’t know if you were a craft beer drinker,” says Nate.

“If you tell me you spotted it here in town I’m going to get in my car right now, put it that way,” I tell him.

“Unfortunately no, it was closer to where I live, down in Foxboro. When I’m back at that store I’ll have to get you some now that I know you’re into it.”

I agree with this plan and tell him that I’ll happily reimburse him should he find some.

But wait, it gets better!  That was on a Friday. That weekend, Dave (who happens to work in Nate’s department) sends me an actual picture of ShakesBeer because he too has discovered it (and he, too, knows that if Shakespeare’s spotted in the wild, the first thing you do is contact me ;)). I ask him as well whether he found it in town, and he says that no, he found it in Plymouth.  Unlike Nate he got some for himself, and tells me it’s quite good.

Later I ask Nate if he and Dave were discussing it and he tells me that, nope, that was entirely unrelated.  The universe really wants me to find this beer!


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