Another Party Heard From [ A Geeklet Story ]

So we’re all sitting down to dinner when the following conversation leaves me quite speechless. My middle child, E, has a smudge of some sort on her forehead.

Oldest, K: (to E) You look like you just got back from church with your ashes.

Son, B: I was going to quote Shakespeare, but I decided not to.

We pay no attention to this and generally agree that yes, E has a smudge on her forehead.

B, excusing himself from the table to get something: God gave you one face and you make yourself another.

Me: …

B: ???

Me: Where did you get THAT?

B: I know Shakespeare.

K & E : Is that not Shakespeare?

Me: No, it totally is, I just didn’t think any of you would have known that quote. In all these years I can’t remember it ever coming up. Now who wants to guess which play?

E: Comedy of Errors.

Me: You have 37 more guesses.

K: Let’s think this through. Macbeth.

Me: Also nope.

Mrs. Geek: Hamlet.

Me: When in doubt always guess Hamlet.

K: Is that right?

Me: Yup, it’s from Hamlet. When Hamlet is yelling at Ophelia.

B: Right before he smothers her with a pillow.

Me: Oh, so close.

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