Digitally De-Age This.

Hollywood may be all about “digitally de-aging” its stars these days, but that doesn’t leave live theatre much to work with. It’s a sad truth that even our greatest heroes age, and will eventually age out of their own greatest roles. I could watch Sir Patrick Stewart play Macbeth forever, but Sir Patrick Stewart can’t play Macbeth forever, you know what I’m trying to say?

Some years ago, Sir Derek Jacobi played Mercutio at the age of 77. That’s not quite the same thing as playing Romeo at that age, though.

And I wish I could find a link, but I remember an interview with Christopher Plummer, while he was playing Prospero, lamenting that there were no more roles left for him to play at his age.

“Hold my beer,” I imagine Sir Ian McKellen telling them all as he announces his “age-blind” production of Hamlet.

Yes, we’re talking about Sir Ian *as* Hamlet. For the love of God somebody make sure to record this!

One thought on “Digitally De-Age This.

  1. As Equity unions allow producers to make official video recordings of theatre productions with cast permission at the Regional and Broadway levels there will, most probably, be a recording. How available it will be is…not. We were never granted access to the “official” recording of a production, or allowed a copy, as their purpose is designated for “official archival” use only. They can, along with operatic productions, be viewed at the library at the NY public library and Lincoln Center library. They won’t allow you to check them out.

    However, in this case I’m pretty certain that due to McKellan’s stature, and the historic nature of this production, a recording will be made and publicized.

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