Shakespeare Science

One of the great(?) strategies in the “Shakespeare must have been _____” game is to see how well he wrote about a topic, then declare he simply must have had inside knowledge of that topic, and therefore had to be <person you want him to be>.

I guess we can rule out scientist. It’s fun to count and illustrate the many various ways that Shakespeare killed his characters, but finally, somebody walked through them scientifically to see which were valid. Unfortunately, the article is mostly about the poisons, specifically Juliet and Cleopatra. Neither, it seems, would have died that quickly. Nor would it have been a peaceful death.

The scientific validity of Titus’ kitchen is not addressed. I’m not debating that you can hack a human body into pieces, but I feel like some culinary skill is involved in making it taste palatable enough that they all don’t immediately get sick, you know? What spices did he use, how long did he have to bake, and at what temperature? You know, for science.

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