Geek Walks Into A Shakespeare Shop And Says …

My wife and I took a little trip out of town recently to one of those towns where “Walk around the little shops” is the thing you do. One of those shops turns out to be one of those “All Things British” things, so we wander in to check it out. It’s a Wednesday, and it’s off-season. All the shops are empty of customers. So the store owner person, who’s literally sweeping when we come in, asks if there’s anything special he can help us with.

So I say something I’ve always felt like I should say in these situations. “Got any random stuff with Shakespeare on it?” I ask. “I collect random stuff with Shakespeare on it.”

He says, “Here.”

This is what four bucks and a love of Shakespeare gets you.

I don’t even know what it is. Stationery? I flip it over, and it’s four bucks, so I get it.

Apparently, it’s supposed to be a greeting card. When you take him out of the package, he folds open and is blank inside (oh, the irony). But he stands up on his own, so I think I like him as a little cutout that I can station on my desk and talk to.

He's my new tiny Shakespeare muse.

It also comes with a sheet of stickers and something I find unexpectedly amusing. Check out the back of the package first:

Where'd they get a Richard Burbage sticker, and who would want one?

At first glance, I was wondering who the face was, and thought, “Why would it be Will Ferrell?” But that’s Richard Burbage. What an odd choice for a sticker.

But! Here’s the funny part. Check out what happens when I unwrap it.

The disappointing unveiling.

So our sheet of Shakespeare stickers includes “Happy Birthday,” “Good Luck,” “I Love You,” and “Congratulations.” Run out of Shakespeare, there, did ya? In the long history of deceiving the customers by hiding unexpected low-quality product behind the packaging so they only see it after they bought it, this is certainly one of the more trivial ones. But I got a kick out of it. Shakespeare geeks get to play in the disappointment, too! It’s Shakespeare knowledgeable enough to include a picture of Burbage, but they couldn’t throw in 2 more original quotes?

<shrug> For four bucks, I get some content out of it. I think that makes it tax deductible.

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