Still The Champion

Shakespeare as the champion

Well, folks, that’s another Shakespeare Day in the books. Did you have fun?

Maybe I’m watching too much pro wrestling lately (did anybody even recognize the shout-out at the beginning of the day?), but I love this image. I had it painted in classic LeRoy Neiman style, if anybody remembers his class Sports Illustrated images. Shakespeare as the Champ.

Twenty years ago, I started teaching my kids Shakespeare before one of them could even talk. It’s been a long trip, to be sure, and I had no idea how it would turn out. Now here we are with a book and everything! I wonder what’s next?

2 thoughts on “Still The Champion

  1. Hi there

    number one on your not shakespeare quotes states you discovered whose it is but you don’t let us know who it is. Is this a tease? please let us know who said this.

    Kind regards and thank you for your work


  2. >number one on your not shakespeare quotes

    Hello! Not sure what you mean here but happy to help if I can. In the Not by Shakespeare category I’ve generally tried to cite the original source when I find it. If I missed one, chances are we don’t know who to credit. If you saw a place where I claimed to know and then didn’t say, I’ll be sure to fix it.

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