Studio360 on Hamlet

I just received an email that Studio 360, a public radio show hosted by Kurt Andersen, will be doing a bit on Hamlet this weekend (Nov 23).    The subject of the piece is actor Scott Shepherd and his experimental “duet” with Richard Burton’s Hamlet in the 1964 film. The show is also available as podcast, which is why it hit my radar to begin with.  In general I’m unfamiliar with the show.  Any fans out there?  Should I be subscribed?  Do they normally do Shakespeare sorts of things?

2 thoughts on “Studio360 on Hamlet

  1. Kurt Andersen says:

    On Studio 360 (of which I’m the host, by the way), we regularly delve into Shakespeare. Some examples:

    • a whole show (with George Wolfe, Harold Bloom and others) on Shakespeare’s cultural influence

    • a conversation with Ron Rosenbaum about his book Shakespeare Wars

    • color-blind casting and Shakespeare


    • a mashup of Homer Simpson and Shakespeare

  2. Well there ya go, then! Straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Consider them downloaded :).

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