How Not To Link An Image┬žion=all&title=undefined&whichpage=1&sortBy=popular I grabbed this right away, as I’m a sucker for Shakespeare cartoons.  Romeo and Juliet as told by instant messages has been done a million times, but hey. Does anybody see the glaring problem with the above link?  It’s a shopping cart link for a poster sized print of a New Yorker cartoon that originally appeared in 2002.  Fine.  But…you can’t read the image.  So, if you never saw the original, you have no idea what you’re supposed to be buying. Or am I missing something?

3 thoughts on “How Not To Link An Image

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I agree- I can’t read it at all, and I don’t see a way to enlarge the image.

  2. Looks like you’ll have to BUY the poster to read what it says.

    That is the point of advertising, right? To MAKE people buy things that they think they really really want. They thinking is as follows – I cant read that, I guess I have to buy it if I wamt to read it.

    If the poster was available online at a larger size, then what would be the point of advertising it? Because then everyone can read it, and say – OK I’ve read it, I dont need to buy it.

    Those people are VERY smart.


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