Shakespeare Geek At The Improv

So this weekend we went to one of those Improv Asylum shows, where the audience feeds information to the actors on stage as they build a scene.  Think “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, with Chinese food. Anyway, we end up at the front and center table, so you just know we’re gonna get called on.  Last game of the night, they’re doing tv styles, and asking for suggestions.  Then he says movies, then he says playwrights. “Well, Shakespeare,” I call out. “Shakespeare’s a good one,” the leader says. “Kinda obvious,” I reply. “Any others?” he asks the crowd.  “Any readers in the audience?” Silence. “Miller?  O’Neill? Ianesco?” I offer. “One guy who reads.  Ok, we’ll just stay on him then.” They then go off and do the scene, which is entirely tv and movies until they throw in a little Shakespeare at the end. Afterward the leader comes by the table and says, “Thanks for being the only person here that reads.” “It’s kinda my thing,” I tell him.  “I sit here all night waiting for you to say playwright so I can yell Shakespeare!  Woohoo!” 🙂

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  1. That’s just brilliant.

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