Shakespeare's Wife : A Review But not by me.  This is Germaine Greer’s book about Anne Hathaway, and quite frankly I have no interest in reading it.  But the reviewer seemed to like it, and others among my readers may like it as well, so here you go. It’s not that I particularly dislike Greer, or Hathaway.  It’s just that this looks like a typical biography. Namely, I expect it’ll go something like this: Everything you know about X is wrong.  Here, let me show you with evidence that I found to support my case while ignoring all the evidence against it. If one person can write a book that says “26 was an incredibly old age for a woman to be married” and somebody else can write a book that says “26 was the average age for a woman to be married”, and both claim to have evidence, which should I believe?  The answer, to me, is that they cancel each other out and I don’t pay attention to either.

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