What Are You Doing For Shakespeare's Birthday?

This April 23 the world will celebrate William Shakespeare’s 444th birthday.  Nice number.  What are you doing, anything good?  I wish I’d planned something in advance, like a big giveaway or something.  But alas, nothing good this year from your Shakespeare Geek. 

5 thoughts on “What Are You Doing For Shakespeare's Birthday?

  1. I’m starting my ‘Odyssey’ through the Complete works – with a public reading/performance – from 1st to last. Not all on one night, of course.
    Hadn’t realised the number – but it’ll come in useful.
    (Browney Points?)

    Not a great verification – so I’ll spare you.

  2. It’s our wedding anniversary. But we’ll be celebrating that that following week, by going to see Eddie Izzard perform live. So I guess we won’t be doing anything for the 444th. (Though Jan will be performing in Romeo & Juliet that morning).

  3. Congratulations, David! Is that coincidence? If you’re both Shakespeare geeks I’m guessing it was not. My own birthday is the 28th, so I missed out by just a couple days.

    I do share my birthday with someone famous, though.

    Saddam Hussein.


  4. I also missed out by a couple days, mine was the 16th! Separated from my favorite author by a week.

    It’s on a wednesday this year so I’ll probably be preparing for the next day but I’ll probably find a little time to watch one of the works in movie form. When I decide I’ll most likely post on my blog about it.

  5. It was a coincidence, we got married on the fly, on our way out of the country for a three month tour of Europe.

    However, we’ve never been able to convice people that it was an accident, as we met playing Kate and Petruchio, and have since then played Beatrice & Benedick, Oberon & Titania, Mac & Lady Mac, Cap & Lady Cap, and many other pairs. We’re not always cast together – in 12th Night I was Orsino and she was Mariah – but it happens often enough to make people think of us as “that Shakespeare couple.”

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