As I Very Much Do Like It, Yes, Thank You

This morning while I’m brushing my teeth I hear my wife greet our now 6yr old daughter, who has just woken up and come into the room like this:  “Good morning!  What were you doing, reading in bed?” My daughter seeks me out and I see that she is holding her Shakespeare book.  This is one of those where the stories have been rewritten for kids to understand (not the Lamb, this is from a publisher called Usborne.  Same idea.)  Anyway, she is holding her finger over a page.  She comes over to me, opens up the book and says, “Daddy, this is the play we’re going to see in a few weeks.”  Sure enough, she is pointing to As You Like It.    Absolutely right. Tonight I’ll make sure we read that whole story.  Unlike some others where I had to make it up off the top of my head, she’s getting old enough now where she’ll be able to follow along with me.  I can’t wait! [On a related note, I may have royally screwed up my timing this summer and caused a Shakespeare clash.  Boston’s Shakespeare Day is on Saturday, August 2.  I was going to take the kids to that, since they would never stay up for an evening show during the week.  However, we’ve also booked a one-day only trip down to Cape Cod to see a special children’s version of The Tempest!  So we will indeed be driving back up through Boston on the Saturday, but whether they are too exhausted to sit through a second play, I guess I won’t know until we’re there.]

One thought on “As I Very Much Do Like It, Yes, Thank You

  1. don’t forget — Henry V at Salem’s Winter Island around the weekend of july 20th. I’ll send you the exact dates. And then they do As You Like It at the end of august too.

    Romeo & Juliet will be performed all over salem, so I’ll send you the dates and locations once they are solidified.

    i hope your daughter enjoys what you’re going to see. Can you send me the info on august 2 shakespeare day in boston? email is [email protected]

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