Hamlet 2 : Electric Boogaloo

http://garysundt.wordpress.com/2008/08/22/hamlet-2/ The reviews are coming in for Hamlet 2, and they are very very good.  Excellent!  Maybe I’ll actually get a chance to see the silly thing. Is it geeky of me to be bothered everytime somebody says “everybody dies at the end of Hamlet”?   That’s not even partially true.  Ophelia and Polonius die well before the end, and Osric, Horatio and Fortinbras are still around at the end. Some interpretations have more bloodbath – didn’t Brannagh choose to kill Osric?  And I remember hearing of one production where Fortinbras’ line “Bid the soldier’s shoot” was actually an order to execute Horatio. But on the flip side, there already is at least one sequel to Hamlet – somebody wrote a play about Fortinbras and how he is haunted by the ghosts of everybody who died in the first one.

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