Shakespeare Teacher Is Trying What Now?

Shakespeare Teacher owns the “Shakespeare anagram” marketplace (what there is of it :)). Well maybe he’s looking for more of a challenge, because now it’s going to write plot summaries for five of the plays each using a different target vowel. In other words and entire review only using A as the vowel, then E, and so on.

The idea comes from the book Euonia, a five chapter book where each chapter uses only a single vowel.

Good luck! There’s a famous novel or two written using just the vowel E, if I recall. I’m sure similar experiments have been done with other vowels. But putting the Shakespeare twist on it should be fun, especially watching what he does with the character names.

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare Teacher Is Trying What Now?

  1. I believe there’s also a novel in which the letter “e” was NEVER used.

  2. There is; it’s La Disparition by Georges Perec.

    The title would literally translate into “The Disappearance”, but that obviously just wouldn’t do. So the English translation is called A Void.

  3. Hey, thanks for the plug and for the good wishes!

  4. For those who are still interested, I’ve completed the lipogram experiment.

    I’ve written summaries of 1H4, AYL, Cymbeline, Hamlet, and Measure for Measure, each using a different vowel.

    Check it out!

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