Shakespeare Teacher Is Trying What Now?

Shakespeare Teacher owns the “Shakespeare anagram” marketplace (what there is of it :)). Well maybe he’s looking for more of a challenge, because now it’s going to write plot summaries for five of the plays each using a different target vowel. In other words and entire review only using A as the vowel, then E, and so on.

The idea comes from the book Euonia, a five chapter book where each chapter uses only a single vowel.

Good luck! There’s a famous novel or two written using just the vowel E, if I recall. I’m sure similar experiments have been done with other vowels. But putting the Shakespeare twist on it should be fun, especially watching what he does with the character names.

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare Teacher Is Trying What Now?

  1. There is; it’s La Disparition by Georges Perec.

    The title would literally translate into “The Disappearance”, but that obviously just wouldn’t do. So the English translation is called A Void.

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