Shakespeare (and Lisa Simpson) Saves The Day I had not seen this one.  Who knew that the ability to quote Shakespeare might save your family from a bomb-wielding maniac? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Shakespeare (and Lisa Simpson) Saves The Day

  1. I believe Lisa and SSBob both got it wrong on the Hamlet quote. The word is “petar” not “petard.”I recorded this Simpson’s episode when it first aired; and I never tire of watching it.

  2. Duane: I have not been able to find an edition of Hamlet in which “Petard” is used. The Riverside Edition, the 1914 Oxford Edition, The Everyman Shakespeare, The Open Source Shakespeare, and I could list others, but those quoted should suffice; and they all use “Petar”.

  3. That’s a new one on me, Bardo. In all my time, I’ve only ever heard it as “petard”. I don’t have access to my original texts at the moment, do you know which versions of the play spell it that way?

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