What, Nobody Wants Free Books?

Where is everybody?  The response for my Christmas Carol Contest has been less than overwhelming. To recap : In celebration of Charles Dickens’ timely ghost story A Christmas Carol, I’m giving away two of Shakespeare’s own ghost stories – Manga Macbeth and Manga Julius Caesar.  To get in on the action, just email me and tell me the Shakespeare reference in Dickens’ original that from what I can tell most of the movie/tv/audio versions seem to snip out for some reason. Contest ends at end of day on Christmas Eve.  For hopefully obvious reasons y’all will understand if I don’t get around to announcing the winners until after the holiday, however.

One thought on “What, Nobody Wants Free Books?

  1. I think it’s just a difficult contest. All right, just for you I’ll re-read “A Christmas Carol.” It’s one of my favorites anyway. And I have always thought that Dickens is to prose as Shakespeare is to verse.

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