Mahalo, Everybody! Don’t know if you’re heard about “Mahalo Answers” yet, but I’m having fun with it.  Much like Yahoo Answers it is a “human search engine” where people post questions, then answers are rated on quality to achieve a theoretical “best answer.”  Mahalo adds the twist of tipping (real money!) so if a question is important to you, you can offer a couple of bucks encouraging people to provide quality answers and not waste everybody’s time. When something like this crops up I almost always try to carve out a little ShakespeareGeek niche.  Never hurts to build brand.  I want to achieve a point where people associate “Shakespeare Geek” as an entity, and can type it into a search engine and find me. 🙂 There’s not much Shakespeare content in there, although they do have a section for Shakespeare questions.  Most of them, I think, are posed by me to drum up some conversation.  Stop by if you get a sec, it’s fun.

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