Best To Worst I seem to have missed this when it was posted back in November, but the man’s got me in his Blog Roll, so it seems only fair that I give it a little credit.  Despite claiming that his “hits fall by 80% whenever he blogs about [Shakespeare]”, the article is a laundry list of best/worst elements you might find at some sort of funky modern awards show, like “Handsomest Line” (The sun doth gild our armour; up, my lords!) versus “Ugliest Line” (leaky as an unstanched wench), or “Line most likely to provoke moronic laughter” (“Put out the light, and then put out the light”). Fascinated by his Best Hamlet, someone I’d never heard of.

One thought on “Best To Worst

  1. Anonymous says:

    Comment not related to post—hope this is OK!?!

    I like yer blog!

    I’m looking for a word to use when training my new doggie. I need a ‘release’ word to let him know he’s done a good job and may move about freely, or get out of his sit position. Some words other people use include “okay”, “release”, “bingo”, “that’ll do”, or “free”. I want a kool Shakespeare-like word. Does the Shakespeare Geek have any suggestions??

    PS. I found yer blog by googeling “how would shakespeare say OK,” and am torqued that I found it—look forward to reading more!

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