Speaking Shakespeare To The Dog

An new visitor and Anonymous commenter writes, “I’m looking for a word to use when training my new doggie. I need a ‘release’ word to let him know he’s done a good job and may move about freely, or get out of his sit position. Some words other people use include “okay”, "release", "bingo", "that’ll do", or "free". I want a kool Shakespeare-like word. Does the Shakespeare Geek have any suggestions??” Sounds like a fun topic.  There are of course the great exclamations like Forsooth! or Zounds!  but those are just funny words, they don’t really have any context.  What’s a good Shakespearean way to say what the commenter asks for?

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8 thoughts on “Speaking Shakespeare To The Dog

  1. person who originally asked replies:

    Hahaha—havoc of course—plus it has the added bonus of being in the lyrics to some old punk song I used to listen to! Gotta find that old LP….

    That really is perfect! Thanks so much! My obedience classmates will be so jealous!

  2. Brilliant! Not only a dog reference but it even makes sense in context. If asked you can explain that that’s your command to let slip your dog of war :).

    Now you have to tell us what kind of dog you have, you realize – because it’s just that much more awesome if you’ve got like a little Pomeranian or Puggle of War or something.

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