Kings : You Tell Me

Should I be watching Kings, the new NBC drama that premiered this week?  More than one person has told me (or rather, I’ve read in more than one place) that it’s supposed to be a sort of weird parallel universe that plays out like a Shakespeare history.  Of course, the actual official plot description says that it’s supposed be the King David story from the Bible. I have to admit, I’ve got plenty of real Shakespeare to choose from without being hooked on a new show in the hopes that maybe they make some Shakespeare references.  I’d rather watch Steve Wozniak on Dancing With The Stars. Anybody seen the show?  It is Shakespearean enough for us to talk about it?

One thought on “Kings : You Tell Me

  1. If you like good drama, you should watch it. No overt Shakespearean references – but plenty of overt biblical references. But, both biblical drama and Shakespearean drama equal plain old GOOD drama. You’ll find a flawed king, a jealous son, a manipulative member of the “court”, and a noble hero. I was impressed considering I found it by accident and didn’t know anything about it beforehand.

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