Shakespeare On Boston Common 2009

I don’t know if this is officially public or not, but a source on Twitter tells me that Shakespeare will return to Boston Common this summer. The play: A Comedy Of Errors. All I heard was “August” so I’m not sure if we’ll get 1 week or 3. I expect the former. Yay! A play I’ve not seen live, and despite no end of financial whining from Citibank ever since they bought everything in site and slapped their name on it, we still get our Shakespeare. I’m pleased. Unfortunately this year I don’t work 5 minutes from the stage, so I’ll have to plan accordingly to get there and get a good seat instead of just walking over and sitting someplace. But I can work with that.UPDATE, AUGUST 2009 : The show is going on right now, don’t miss it! My review is already posted here.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare On Boston Common 2009

  1. amusings_bnl says:

    won’t be NEARLY as good as Rebel doing hamlet in july.

    boston harbor islands — george’s island. july 25th.

    getting the word out shortly with publicity.

    it’s going to be a great summer.

  2. dodgycupcake says:

    I saw it and I enjoyed it, but I prefer more 'classic' Shakespeare. This version was a little too loud and modernized for me.

    The best Shakespeare in Massachusetts is Shakesepeare & Co in Lenox!

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