David Tennant’s Hamlet Coming To PBS

http://nerdvana.freedomblogging.com/2009/08/03/doctor-who-star-brings-his-hamlet-to-pbs/25473/ There was a great deal of speculation about this deal, but apparently it’s official – they will be putting the David Tennant  / Patrick Stewart Hamlet onto DVD, and PBS will showing it in 2010. Can’t wait!  As I’ve mentioned, I don’t know much about Tennant but this seems like the best chance to learn.  I’m fascinated by the number of times I’ve seen this mentioned from the Dr. Who perspective where people add almost parenthetically “Oh yeah, it has Patrick Stewart the Star Trek guy, too.”  Those folks need to do their Shakespeare homework! 🙂

4 thoughts on “David Tennant’s Hamlet Coming To PBS

  1. That is just sweet. Stewart also played Claudius opposite Derek Jacobi's Hamlet in the BBC/Time Life production back when the world was young.

    I wish he would record his recent Macbeth. I would have liked so much to have seen that one on the stage.

  2. Excellent news… I was lucky enough to see Hamlet in London just a couple of days before Tennant hurt himself. Leaving the theatre I saw Patrick Stewart sneaking out in a baseball cap and sweatshirt… good times.

    If the taped performance is anything like the live one, it is worth jumping through hoops to see. Lucky that it will be broadcast in the US

  3. I saw the Derek Jacobi/Patrick Stewart version in high school (VHS, not live, unfortunately). It's the production that hooked me on Shakespeare forever.

    Does anyone know when the US zoned DVD will be available? My free zone DVD player isn't all that great.

    Dying to see this; I'm a recent mad fan of David Tennant, and having seen some of his other work on You Tube clips, I am really looking forward to this Hamlet.

  4. I've heard it's coming to PBS in April, and if it follows the McKellan/Lear pattern we'll be able to get the DVD first. At least, that's my plan!

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