Flings & Eros : Karamazov Does Romeo and Juliet!

http://www.merrimackrep.org/home/default.aspx Ok, Google is awesome.  I’m checking some GMail and I see a reference to “Merrimack Rep” pass by in one of the ads. I happen to live near Merrimack College, so I think that it is a local reference. I google “Merrimack Rep”. Turns out that it’s a theatre in Lowell, MA. Guess who is playing?  The Karamazov Brothers, one of the best juggling/vaudeville acts going today. Guess what they’re performing?  Something called Flings & Eros. Guess what it’s about?  Romeo and Juliet!   Looks exciting.  Best part is I think that a friend of mine has season tickets.  If that’s the case it’d be a golden opportunity to see this one, without trying to explain to the wife how I’m dragging her to yet more Shakespeare :).

2 thoughts on “Flings & Eros : Karamazov Does Romeo and Juliet!

  1. Years ago I saw a video of the Karamazov brothers performing "The Comedy of Errors" It was amazing; and I will never forget it.I hope they record R&J.

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