Shakespeare Troll Iz Funny

And now for your amusement I present “Clear’s Own” view of Shakespeare:

I was studying Shakespeare recently and I realized something that no one else seems to have figured out. He really, really sucks. Seriously, why am I the only one who has noticed this? Well, I assume I won’t be the only one after I inform the world.

He then goes on to rant about the poor quality of Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet and Julius Caesar (misunderstanding, or at least misrepresenting, some key bits) in a somewhat amusing manner:

The morning after Romeo nails Juliet, he goes strolling through the city and runs into his A-hole enemy, Tybalt. Still feeling good from whatever sex hormones are running through his blood, he tries to ignore him and his best friend dies as a result. I feel for you, Romeo. We’ve all done stupid things because of sex. For instance, I once told a girl I’d slept with that I’d help her move. What a waste of a Saturday that was.

I don’t believe for a second that this guy actually thinks Shakespeare stinks, but I got a kick out of his delivery.

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