Willy’s Wily Wenches

Oh, the irony!  On many levels! Today, a coworker new to Twitter asked me what the deal was with spam bots.  He’d just signed up 5 minutes ago, he said, and there were already 10 strangers following him. I explained that yeah, that happens, and that in general if it’s a complete stranger saying something completely unrelated to anything you’ve just said, and providing a link, it’s spam.  But, I pointed out, the problem is often directly related to the number of followers you get.  I as a ShakespeareGeek with a smaller niche audience don’t see nearly the problem as much as a celebrity with a million or so followers. No sooner had I said that than I get an email telling me that Willy’s Wily Wenches are now following me. Something’s funny about it, though.  Too alliterative.   More effort went into that name than the typical spam name.  And then there’s Willy …   I dare to click. My guess is correct – it actually *is* a Shakespeare reference!  Turns out that Willy’s Wily Wenches, based out of Texas it looks like, is some sort of  all-female “Reduced Shakespeare”, as best I can tell.  Even their tagline, “Getting revenge on history”, shows that they’ve got some appreciation for their subject matter and are really working the whole “Yes we realize that boys played all the girl parts” thing to death. I wonder how many “willy” jokes they make in any given show. http://www.willyswilywenches.net/welcome.htm Welcome, Wenches.

2 thoughts on “Willy’s Wily Wenches

  1. Buxey from Willy's Wily Wenches says:

    Yes, we do have a passion for history! So much so that one of our members will be graduating in December with a degree to teach history. Rest assured, the 'willy' jokes abound, even if they were unintentional at first. Our unofficial-official mascot is a rubber chicken. We have little blue ribbons we tie around the necks of the ones we hand out whenever we perform.

    I should be getting some sleep before performing tomorrow but I just had to thank you for writing a post about us! Our group is new to the whole Twitter thing so I did a quick search for Shakespeare to find people to follow. I am thrilled that I found you! To show how sincerely thankful I am for your taking the time to post about us, I can send you a gift certificate over e-mail to get one of our shirts from CafePress, if you like. After I get back from performing tomorrow, I'll set up a backlink and RSS feed your way from our website. We Shakespeare lovers have to stick together, eh?


  2. I suppose the little bugger spends much his time being choked, too? 😉

    [ The other day on Twitter somebody wrote, and I'm not making this up, "Hanging out in Shakespeare, shaking my spear." I asked if he knew what that meant, but didn't get an answer 🙂 ]

    I will happily wear a Wily Wenches t-shirt! 🙂

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