And Now…. Sir Ian. Just a little piece on Sir Ian McKellen from the Boston Globe this week, for those who are fans.  Thoughts on the popularity of his Shakespeare versus his Gandalf and Magneto, and what his next project will be (alas, though a “classic”, it’s not Shakespeare). If you’re at all sitting there and thinking to yourself that old Shakespearean actors must be a complete bore to listen to, do not miss Sir Ian Pretending.  He may not get to use it much in his blockbuster roles, but the man’s got a killer sense of humor.

One thought on “And Now…. Sir Ian.

  1. Love it! Especially the little mock-explanation of how acting works–or should work. "here comes Sir Ian…sir ian… Gandalf!…sir ian…"

    He becomes the character instantaneously.
    He even mentions "method"–in quoted, knowing tones. So much for "method".

    This just became one of my favorite clips, ever. Thanks Duane.

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