Anthony Hopkins to Join THOR Bonus points to the article’s writer who starts off with “Sounds more like a Shakespeare play than a superhero movie,” because yes, yes it does.  Kenneth Branagh going from Hamlet to Marvel is strange enough, but adding in Anthony Hopkins as Odin?  Anthony Hopkins who is set to play King Lear sometime next year? I’m actually both intrigued and a little worried by this.  How can a man play the most powerful of all the gods, and then switch over to a frail old man who spends most of his time between raging against those same gods, and cowering before them?  It’ll be genius if he can pull it off.

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Hopkins to Join THOR

  1. No Hopkins as Lear? Awww, I'm disappointed! Wasn't it Al Pacino who is also trying to get a Lear going? I was thinking that side-by-side would be absolutely fascinating.

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