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Ok, I seem to have seriously dropped the ball on this one.  We’ve known about Ralph Fiennes doing a Coriolanus movie for some time.  What I didn’t know is that 30 Ninjas has a blog up detailing the day-to-day progression of the movie?! The site itself is a bit nightmarish on the eyes, and I can’t even find a subscribe link to get it in my daily feeds, but it certainly looks chock full of content! Coriolanus was never really my thing, but maybe that’s because it’s been so ignored.  Maybe a movie will change my mind?  I just wish they had a treatment like this for when Julie Taymor was doing her Tempest, I would have been all over that. UPDATE: Found the link to subscribe.

2 thoughts on “Coriolanus : The Movie … The Blog

  1. I kind of like Coriolanus. It's a bit cynical, but maybe that's what I like about it. There's some good stuff in there.

  2. I'm with Carl. Coriolanus is underrated. It's a social, as opposed to psychological, tragedy, but that just shows off Shakespeare's range.

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