Free Shakespeare In Bits : Romeo and Juliet Edition !

Shakespeare Geek, in conjunction with Shakespeare in Bits, is pleased to announce our new contest where we’re giving away *10* copies of their new interactive Romeo and Juliet software (the new standard in multimedia Shakespeare) for PC or Mac!

We reviewed the product a few weeks ago. Highlights:

  • The complete, unabridged, original text, with comprehensive study notes, analysis, plot summaries, and SIB’s unique in-line translation system.
  • Almost three hours of top-quality audio, brought to you courtesy of Naxos Audiobooks, with Kate Beckinsale as Juliet, Michael Sheen as Romeo, and Fiona Shaw as the Nurse.
  • Three hours of original, engaging animation, covering every word of the play.

Contest Rules

1) Become a fan of Shakespeare Geek on Facebook. (They’ve since changed to just calling this a “like” now.)

2) Become a fan of Shakespeare in Bits on Facebook.

3) On either wall (or both, if you like!) post something about Shakespeare. We’d like “What Shakespeare means to me” or “My best Shakespeare experience”, but quite frankly the content is up to you because of step #4 …

4) Share your story with your friends! Get your friends (and strangers, why not?) to “like” your post. So if you want to win, post something good 😉

5) At the end of the contest, we’ll choose the 10 top stories that have the most “likes” to each win a free copy of Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare in Bits. Posts will be chosen from both walls, so if you post on both you’ll get two entries in the contest (though you can win only once).

6) In the event of a tie, remaining prizes will be given away by random drawing from all entries. So just posting something, even without campaigning to get it liked, gets you good odds of winning too.

7) Contest ends on midnight EST on April 22, so we can announce the winners on April 23 in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday.

8) Shakespeare Geek is based in the USA while Shakespeare in Bits is based in Ireland, so we are not restricting the contest to a particular geography. The prizes will take the form of registration keys to unlock the downloadable product, which is available for both PC and Mac.  (iPad and iPhone/iTouch versions on the way.)

UPDATE April 23, 2010 : This contest has ended.  Thanks for playing!

Any questions? Get posting!  (Teachers, this software is perfect for a classroom setting so motivate your students to support your entry!)

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