Dirty Jokes You Have To Work At

I’m sorry I missed Shmoop’s article on Shakespeare’s hidden dirty jokes for the big day.  This is one of the more interesting “Shakespeare said dirty stuff” articles I’ve yet seen, as it throws out “the beast with two backs” and “my tongue in your tail” right off the bat as too easy.  These examples, you need to work at.  Even better is the style in which with a wink and a nudge they try to explain it, without ever coming right out and saying it.  They even include modern music equivalents, in case that’s easier for the modern listener! As I look, the examples may not be new to the hardcore geeks among us (happy daggers, walls with chinks for kissing, and Malvolio’s commentary on his lady’s handwriting…) but the archery references in Love’s Labour’s Lost had gone over my head.

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