Geeklets Coming Around Again

This morning, before brushing his teeth, my 4yr old looked in the mirror, threw his arms up in the air and shouted ” To BE! Or….NOT, to be. THAT is the question.” No idea where that came from, there was no prompting from me at all. I loved the delivery. Many times he’s come up to me and repeated it just like a 4yr old would repeat a joke over and over again not realizing it’s not funny anymore, just knowing that it got a reaction once therefore it must get a reaction every time. “Hey daddy to be or not to be that is the question!” This was different. Of course I immediately tried to teach him the next line, but “whether ’tis nobler” is right off the bat some pretty hard words for someone that can’t even read yet.
I’ll keep working on it. I may start calling him Edwin Booth.

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