[Off Topic] Anybody Want To Buy Some Girl Scout Cookies?

This probably won’t work, but what have I got to lose? It’s my site after all :).
My 8yr old is doing the Girl Scout Cookie thing, and as every parent knows the days of door-to-door are long gone, and we’re the ones who are pestered to hit up our coworkers and such. Over the years the Girl Scouts have really turned this into a science, though, I’ll give them that. They’ve even started really pushing the “Donate My Cookies To The Troops” option, so every coworker who says “I’d love to but I can’t, I’m on a diet” no longer has that excuse – you can still buy some cookies and send them to our boys overseas.
So, anybody wanna buy some cookies for the troops? 🙂 (I’m not even going to pretend that I can ship you cookies.) They’re $4/box. Here’s how we make it work – email me that you’re interested, I’ll get your details and then you can PayPal me the money. If I had Shakespeare-related rewards to offer I would do so, but right now I don’t know what that would be exactly so I can’t promise anything.
This depends entirely on you trusting me, of course, which is why in any normal circumstance I would never even bother. But I think at this point I’ve got a fairly loyal enough readership that at least some of you know perfectly well that you can trust me, I haven’t screwed anybody yet. It may still flop, but that won’t be because you don’t trust me, it’ll be because you don’t love America. 🙂 <— smiley clearly pointed out, for the humor impaired.
So, consider it an experiment. If you want to support the site by helping my kid reach whatever the next milestone is in her “If I sell 50 boxes I get a stuffed animal but if I sell 80 boxes I get a bigger stuffed animal!” quest, and make some soldiers fat in the process :), let’s try it and see if we can make it work.
If you think it’s a stupid idea and you’re annoyed at me for bringing it up, then move on, nothing to see, won’t happen again.

4 thoughts on “[Off Topic] Anybody Want To Buy Some Girl Scout Cookies?

  1. You are putting your daughter's sales in jeopardy! It is imperative that the girls not sell before the start date (besides the fact that it is not fair to the rest of the girls!)
    Don't get her orders disqualified for the troop, unit and council because you posted this 2 days early!
    Please consider taking this down and re-posting on Friday!
    -A GS Council employee

  2. Thanks for the input, Anonymous. I've certainly been led to believe, by my daughter's troop leader and all the other parents, that sales have begun. If you can point me to anything on the Girl Scouts' web site that mentions these rules you're talking about, I'd appreciate it (and happily take the post down if it's in violation). But until then I have to assume that my local leader is telling us the right thing. Perhaps start dates are different depending on geographic area?

  3. ::sigh:: It's so sad that door-to-door sales have vanished. It doesn't seem like *that* long ago that I was trucking my little red wagon around… But I guess it has been 12-13 years since I made the cookie circuit. :/

  4. My daughter is 8 years old and she goes door to door selling. She sells every single box of cookies for herself. She sold more than anyone in our council last year. We only have just over 3000 people in our town and last year she sold 2199 boxes. I don't know how well that is in other places but where we live that is a whole lot. Our cookies sales just started less than a week ago and she has sold 650 boxes. She is determined to reach her goal and loves going door to door. and I'm going to do everything I can to help her reach that goal as long as she does it on her own and does it honestly. Every year we have people who sell before it's time but I just tell my daughter to be honest and she will be a better person because of it. and she outsells them every time anyway. I don't know how your council works but there is no way we are allowed to take money over the internet. I don't feel that door to door sales has vanished I think that parents have become more lazy and not wanting to spend the time or gas taking their girl out. I'm not saying you in particular but as a whole. Yes it takes a lot of time and gas and would be easier and cheaper to buy the incentives but I want my daughter to have the whole cookie selling experience as it should be. Oh and we actually do ship cookies overseas. Well good luck on your daughter's sales and I hope she gets everything out of the experience that she can.

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