April Fool?

My heart’s never in it when the good holidays (Shakespeare’s Birthday, April Fool’s Day…) fall on a Sunday.  I whipped up a quick “Is Lady Gaga doing Shakespeare?” post for fun to see if I could catch any interest on Twitter, but alas there was already a “Gaga Had A Baby” trend going on :).  Or maybe I just made it too low key and people actually believed it.  Or just didn’t care.  Either way, it wasn’t true.

Anybody see any good Shakespeare-related jokes this year?  Geek site reddit.com had some amusing stuff where they did a joke spin on Facebook’s “timeline” — the trick was that the timeline let you go forward and backward hundreds of years, and sure enough if you headed back to the Elizabethan era you started seeing posts from and about Mr. Shakespeare.  Along with comments!  Well done.

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