My First App Is Here!

I am happy to report that my experiment in creating Android apps is complete!  I pushed the Publish button today on my very first app for the marketplace.

Insults for Shakespeare Geeks is exactly what you think it is, a spin on the old “pick 1 each from column A/B/C” Shakespeare Insult Kit.  My particular twist on it is that mine also offers an “Insult my friend” option where you can text (or tweet or Facebook) your favorite insults to someone you love.

You folks know me and you know my commitment to the quality of
Shakespeare stuff. There’s already a handful of insult generators in the
market, but from what I can tell they are all the exact same thing – just insult after insult after insult.  I try to go a step beyond that.  Besides, one of the great things about the world of apps is that updates are automatic, so if people like and download this first version I plan to keep cranking out new and exciting enhancements to it. 

I’d love it if folks could take it for a spin, and possibly do me the favor of leaving a positive review. The hardest part about making a dent in the marketplace is getting your app noticed.  There’s already over 800 hits for the word “Shakespeare”, so that alone isn’t going to get me noticed.  I need my Shakespeare-loving fans, followers and friends to help a fellow geek out by spreading the word. 

If you don’t have an Android device, please at least consider forwarding/tweeting/sharing this message around so that your friends who do have Android devices get a chance to see it.

The entire purpose of this experiment was to learn the type of effort it takes to get an app created and published into the market. Now I know.  Based on the reaction to this app I can start planning my next great idea!

Thanks everyone for all your help!  Ya bunch of venomed, boil-brained puttocks!

2 thoughts on “My First App Is Here!

  1. Hi SariJ,

    There's an investment that comes with developing for iPhone, both in terms of time and money. I don't expect that a toy app like this one would be worth the effort required. However, this is only the first of many apps I have in mind, many of them Shakespeare related. My bigger and better apps stand a much better chance of getting both an Android and iPhone version.

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