Shakespeare Geek on Pinterest

After the flood of pictures I took in Washington last week, I finally broke down and decided to join  This site’s never been heavy into pictures, but if that’s what people want to follow these days, I’ll do what I can to start adding more visual content.

Unfortunately somebody already beat me to “ShakespeareGeek” as a username, so you can find me as ShakesGeek.  Right now I’ve got two ‘boards’ set up — one that will pin stuff directly from the blog (so if you’re already following the blog in some fashion, you’ll have seen it), and another for ‘found Shakespeare’ for all those random Shakespeare related images that I find floating around than don’t always merit their own post.

[EDIT]   Oh, and you may also see a “Pin it!” button in the upper right corner of those posts with picture content.  If you are someone who uses pinterest and you like the content I’m putting up, sharing it in this way would be a great way to support the site.  Thanks!

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