Oh, Maybe That’s Where I Get It

Here’s a funny family story that does not involve my geeklets, but I thought you folks would like it.

My older (and only) brother, who lives across the country and who I see about once a year, posted a picture on Facebook of a broken tablet device and the caption, “This is why you don’t let people use your stuff.”

And of course his local friends commented the usual – “that sucks”, “omg how did that happen?”, “can it be fixed”, etc.

And then our mom commented.  Our mom lives closer out here by me, so she too sees my brother once or so a year, and basically lives for our Facebook updates.  The smallest “Sun is up, going to be a great day today!” comment from one of us is always guaranteed to get some sort of, “Have a great day, love you! xxxooo” from mom. (Which is exactly what moms are supposed to use Facebook for, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

What she wrote to my brother was, “It’s just like my mother, your Nana who you don’t even probably remember, used to say – neither a borrower or a lender be.”

So there ya go. My mom, who is in her 70’s, quoting *her* mom, who *died* in the 1970s, quoting Shakespeare.  She’s right, I don’t remember Nana, but I have to imagine I would have had a lot to talk about with her.


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