Almost Forgot – A Midsummer’s Nightmare Tonight!

I was wondering what happened to this one, and it dropped in my lap this morning.  Our “summer of Shakespeare on TV” continues tonight with Lifetime’s A Midsummer’s Nightmare, which is going to be some sort of

horror story so I’m sure there’s not going to be much Shakespeare in it at all. The cast of characters doesn’t list any actual character names, excepting “Mike Puck” and “Nick Bottoms”. Everybody knows that I’m in it for the Shakespeare, so if I don’t hear some original text, I’m probably not going to care for it much at all.

Courtney Love is in this, as is Dominic Monaghan, the guy that played Merry in Lord of the Rings.  If they both end up putting Shakespeare on their resume after this, I know which one is going to sound more believable.  (Although I do see that one of the other stars, Daisy Head, who I otherwise would not recognize, is going to be in the upcoming Ophelia movie next year.  So maybe she’s going to be somebody we see more of in the future.)

I suffered through one episode of Still Star-Crossed, though, so I’ll suffer through this one. It’s not on until 11pm, though, so I might end up recording and watching tomorrow.

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