Never Thought I’d Miss Tupac

My son (along with most of the other neighborhood 12yr old boys) has become fascinated with the death of rapper XXXTentacion. I’d never heard of the guy until he was killed, but it doesn’t take much googling to realize that he was as infamous for his violence against women as he was for his music.

I’ve heard that Migos did it.  I’ve heard that he faked his own death.  And amid reminding my son whenever he pauses for breath that this 20 yr old was in jail what was it, three times? And abused his pregnant girlfriend?  So let’s not pretend that his music changed anybody’s life more than his actions did, I thought, “Is this guy going to be this generation’s Tupac?”  I don’t intend to compare their music (as I’m not terribly familiar with either’s body of work), I mean how their early deaths impacted a generation of fans who refuse to believe they’re gone so soon.

At least Tupac had Shakespeare.  That alone is going to make me sit up and take notice.  When you start with that kind of foundation, can you really produce something bad?

Let’s say I want to discover some new music.  Who’s out there right now that’s inspired by Shakespeare?  I’d love it if you can point me to some lyrics that are actually from Shakespeare, but I’ll take what I can get.  Who has some suggestions for me?


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