Banish Plump Jack, and Drink Cheap Wine

So I was at the liquor store the older day and the first thing about this particular brand that caught my eye was the how many digits were in the price! There was a whole top row of the special good stuff and take a look at what I found:

“Oh cool!” I thought, “I’ve got to make a Falstaff reference out of that.”

But like I do for most of my references I had to double check and make sure that it was in fact “plump Jack” that appears in the quote and not something else. And then it got even cooler, because I discovered that not only does the PlumpJack winery have a membership program called the Falstaff Society, the membership tiers are:  Hamnet, Hathaway and Muse.

I think I’d like to hang out with these people.  Then I look at the price of the wine and think maybe I’d be out of my league. 🙂

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One thought on “Banish Plump Jack, and Drink Cheap Wine

  1. California Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay: Hardly wines to suit Jack Falstaff’s tastes or purse. For some reason, I cannot imagine those wines being stocked at the Boar’s Head or any other tavern in Eastcheap

    I’d rather think, Plump Jack would have preferred Dry Sack.

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