Who Needs Shakespeare PopSockets?

When my son first asked for a “pop socket” for his phone I’d never heard of them and assumed it was just something random he’d spotted and had to have.  I think he was just a little ahead of the curve because these days they’re as common as phone cases.

If you’ve not yet seen one (you probably have and didn’t even notice), it’s a decorative circular knob that attaches to the back of your phone and acts like a handle.  I guess kids these days tend to drop their phones a lot? 🙂  The neat part is that it collapses flat, so if you were thinking “How am I supposed to get that in my pocket?”  now you know.  It also works as a stand for when you’re watching movies and want to put the phone down.  <shrug>  Like I said, I didn’t get it, but I guess everybody that’s half my age simply has to have them.

So it was an interesting surprise when the Amazon Merch decided that pop sockets (or I suppose PopSocket Grips, technically) would be the first non-clothing item that they would offer.  You know what that means.  More opportunity to decorate our lives with Shakespeare!  Anybody can throw the Droeshout portrait on one (and already have), so I’ve tried to create some more original designs that showcase your inner Shakespeare Geek.  I hope you all like them!


2 thoughts on “Who Needs Shakespeare PopSockets?

    1. 🙂 The theory is that the top parts are interchangeable so it becomes more of a fashion accessory. I’m hoping Amazon comes up with a way where you can buy the tops separately without having to shell out for the collapsible holder every time.

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